trumpA new poll shows Trump slipping in numbers again in Colorado, but that was before he held rallies in Loveland and Pueblo that drew crowds rivaling a Bernie Sanders appearance.

More than 7,000 showed up in Loveland and 2,000 in Pueblo, which combined is more in one day than Hillary has likely drawn here all year.

Trump hit all the hot topics that westerners are talking about, says the Loveland Reporter-Herald, jobs, energy, Second Amendment rights, and beating Hillary.

He addressed his 20-year old tax returns that were somehow leaked to the New York Times. We’re not making any accusations, just pointing out that Bill Clinton was president and the boss of the IRS in 1995, the same year as those tax releases that Hillary someone got their hands on.

The bottom line, Trump said, he wants to cut taxes for the middle class, Hillary wants to raise them.
Democrats want to put Colorado’s energy sector out of business, Republicans like driving cars and heating homes.

Trump is still within the margin of error for beating Hillary in Colorado, and Monday’s rallies show that state voters are more interested in hearing Trump’s message, than Hillary’s tired old Democratic plan of more government paid for out of our pockets.