alice-maddenRunning for the CU Board of Regents this season seems to have little to do with education and more to do with who can proclaim themselves an environmentalist savior of the planet.

Former sate House Majority Leader Alice Madden and the Democratic Party are so desperate to wrest control of the board from Republicans, they have abandoned the traditional debate about education and instead have been focusing on climate change.

It’s a little known fact, we suppose, that students can’t focus on their studies when the climate keeps changing, and they don’t need all that coal to generate electricity to power their computers.

But now that Madden has finally taken a position on whether she would support CU’s divestment of fossil fuels, that game is over for Democrats.

“I do not support divestment,” Madden said in a statement to Complete Colorado.

We’re thrilled that she has seen the light, but we also know it will likely cost her key support in her Democratic base.

All three groups supporting Madden’s candidacy –, Conservation Colorado and LCV – have close ties to California billionaire Tom Steyer, who is a huge supporter of fossil-fuel divestment. Steyer has donated at least $500,000 to, $475,000 to LCV and $200,000 to Conservation Colorado’s campaign arm in recent years.

Now that the jig is up, maybe the candidates can focus on the business of education rather than the latest sit-in fad.

Oh yeah, and vote for Madden’s opponent, Republican Heidi Ganahl.