obamacareWe told you last month that the suicide of a veteran who was allegedly wait-listed at a Colorado VA center prompted U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner to demand in investigation, and now those demands have been met.

The inspector general announced Wednesday that he is investigating waitlist practices, which the Obama administration assured us had been eliminated, this time targeting VA offices in Denver, Golden and Colorado Springs.

In addition to waitlisting, the IG is also looking at accusations of forgery, off-the-record bookkeeping, and whether reports were falsified after the veteran committed suicide.

The waitlisting scandals first erupted in 2014 at a Phoenix facility, where creative scheduling hid the fact that some 1,700 veterans were forced to wait more than 100 days for medical treatment.

President Obama demanded the resignation of then-VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, and pledged to fix the system.

Tragically, he has not.