Hillary Rodham ClintonSome officials at Platte River Networks might have gotten an immunity deal with the Justice Department to cooperate in the investigation of what happened to Hillary’s emails, but now they face jail time by an angry congressional committee for refusing a subpoena to explain the crimes to Congress.

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith’s House Science, Space, and Technology Committee announced they will vote to hold the firm in contempt of Congress for ignoring the subpoenas. If the measure passes the House, that means the person is arrested by the House Sergeant-at-Arms and brought before that chamber to answer the charges and face punishment, usually prison time.

Two employees appear to be in the crosshairs, an IT specialist who admits to deleting thousands of emails, but invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and walked out of a congressional hearing, and another who did not bother to show up for the hearing.

“These emails reveal not just a smoking gun, but who pulled the trigger,” Smith said, describing the “delay tactics” Clinton’s lawyer had employed to block the congressional probe.

No one can accuse Smith of playing politics and trying to influence the election with the contempt of Congress citation, because he’s waiting until after November to move forward with the charges.