Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton has found a new source of volunteers, thanks to a professor at Colorado Mesa University who allowed his class to be recruited by a political action committee called Work for Progress and Fair Share Action.

That professor is now under review by the university, and according to Erin McIntyre at the Daily Sentinel, so are other visits by the PAC.

It appears that students blew the whistle after Nikki Caravelli spoke to their class on international business, asked for their contact information, and urged them to campaign door-to-door for Clinton.

Ironically, the smoking gun appears to be an email from Caravelli to the professor that states:

“With just a few weeks left until the election, we’re hiring full or part time paid field staff to help elect Hillary Clinton as our next president and keep Donald Trump out of the White House.”

The professor’s response:

“Sure, I can support this by providing an audience with students.”

We’re guessing that the Trump campaign was not given equal access to address students on the actual subject of international business. But of course this had nothing to do with studies, the email makes no bones about this being a purely politis-for-pay recruiting effort.

No action has been taken against the professor, pending an inquiry from the university.

We suspect this sort of campaign recruiting is happening for Clinton on campuses across the U.S. Kudos to the CMU kids for being too smart to fall for it.