Have you voted yet?

Have you voted yet?

The weekend was a good one for Republicans – and we’re not just talking about the latest Clinton scandal. This morning’s report from the Secretary of State’s office once again shows a continued erosion of the Democrats’ share of the ballot returns.

Friday’s results showed Democrats with 269,066 votes, which accounted for 38.6% of total ballots returned. Today their share of the total ballots returned has slipped to 38.2%. The Democratic share of returned ballots has shrunk every single day since people started paying close attention to the Secretary of State’s return numbers last Monday.

As of today’s report, 866,668 ballots have been turned in. We estimate this to be about one-third of the vote total, as the 2012 election saw 2,569,516 presidential votes cast in Colorado. This morning’s ballot chase break down is below:

Republican ballots returned: 300,275
Democrat ballots returned: 331,153
Unaffiliated ballots returned: 223,540
Other party ballots returned: 11,700

Some key counties are below. Total may not equal sum of what’s shown because third party ballots are excluded.


Democrat: 25,008
Republican: 17,219
Unaffiliated: 15,618
Total: 58,638


Democrat: 38,566
Republican: 32,847
Unaffiliated: 24,775
Total: 97,451


Democrat: 58,673
Republican: 15,144
Unaffiliated: 23,908
Total: 99,125


Democrat: 14,979
Republican: 27,643
Unaffiliated: 14,548
Total: 57,916

El Paso

Democrat: 24,439
Republican: 43,371
Unaffiliated: 23,371
Total: 92,789


Democrat: 41,756
Republican: 37,296
Unaffiliated: 31,943
Total: 112,345


Democrat: 19,246
Republican: 18,921
Unaffiliated: 15,595
Total: 54,519


Democrat: 10,027
Republican: 15,502
Unaffiliated: 9,284
Total: 35,282