Your vote countsWhat started out as sheer joy for Colorado Democrats and the media two weeks ago is ending in disaster for them. Ballot returns have been carefully watched since last Monday, and the Democrats saw their share of the lead erode every single day.

Today just 6,565 votes separates the two political parties, with Democrats claiming 35.7% of he vote and Republicans with 35.3%

It looks like this race will hinge on how unaffiliated voters decide, and at the top of the ticket, how many truly independent voters will actually vote for someone who is under the threat of a criminal indictment?

As of today’s report, 1,553,325 ballots have been turned in. We estimate this to be nearly two thirds of the vote total, as the 2012 election saw 2,569,516 presidential votes cast in Colorado. This morning’s ballot chase break down is below:

Republican ballots returned: 547,775
Democrat ballots returned: 554,340
Unaffiliated ballots returned: 429,267
Other party ballots returned: 21,943

Some key counties are below. Totals may not equal because third party ballots are excluded.


Democrat: 40,940
Republican: 30,434
Unaffiliated: 29,851
Total: 102,663


Democrat: 63,241
Republican: 55,743
Unaffiliated: 45,200
Total: 166,371


Democrat: 97,556
Republican: 26,591
Unaffiliated: 44,781
Total: 171,430


Democrat: 25,102
Republican: 51,894
Unaffiliated: 28,127
Total: 106,483

El Paso

Democrat: 43,419
Republican: 84,985
Unaffiliated: 48,100
Total: 179,578


Democrat: 67,269
Republican: 65,142
Unaffiliated: 58,746
Total: 193,693


Democrat: 33,582
Republican: 35,682
Unaffiliated: 31,508
Total: 102,316


Democrat: 17,991
Republican: 30,195
Unaffiliated: 19,307
Total: 68,449