Your vote countsHey Republicans, we’re so close to overtaking Democrats in terms of turnout, but we need a sizable lead here in Colorado. So, if you haven’t already, turn your freaking ballots in. At this point in the election, you need to walk your ballots to a ballot drop-off location. Postmarks do not count. Here are a few election resources for you:

  • Register to vote. You have through election day to register to vote in Colorado. While you won’t get a paper ballot in the mail, you can still vote in person. Just moved here? No sweat. Just register. If you cannot register online with the Secretary of State, you can print out the form and take to your County Clerk and Recorder. More about that in a minute.
  • Find a drop-off location. Input your address and find your voting location. Do this now.
  • Update your address. It’s kind of late for this, but ok.
  • Find your ballot. Check to make sure that your ballot reached the intended destination. We’re not saying there’s fraud, but mistakes do happen. Also, make sure your ballot counts and that it does not need to be fixed, or “cured” in some way.

The bottom line is that it’s not just the top of the ticket that needs you, but the down ballot races as well as the ballot initiatives need you. As Michael Bennet would say, “Vote, vote, vote.”

(We assume he’s talking about different people and not suggesting that someone votes three times. Right, Senator?)