Not the nominee.

Not the nominee.

Colorado’s Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders campaigned here this weekend for the woman he beat, because he claims Hillary shares his goals.

Of course he was speaking about their desire to take more of our money to spend on failed government programs like health care, we seriously doubt the Bern meant her success in breaking and manipulating the law to her financial advantage.

Sanders also pointed out that Trump, a business mogul, manufactures products in other countries while he tells his supporters that he wants to keep jobs in America.

Actually, he tells supporters what is already known, that exorbitant taxes and union demands have all but killed the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Trump is running a business when he sells products that his company manufactures, whereas Hillary is selling political access to foreign government through the Clinton Foundation, a major no-no that has her under investigation.

Her idea of business is to charge foreign governments a million bucks to gain an audience with her for political favor, and then wastes that money on salaries and more fundraising instead of actual charity.

At least 85 foreign governments kicked in $156 million from countries like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, ironically a country where Hillary is not permitted to drive a car. Other governments that donated to gain favor include Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Dominican Republic.

Adding insult to injury, the Clinton Foundation only awarded about $5 million in grants in 2014, while spending more than $90 million on salaries, expenses, fundraising and other junk.

Trump wants to level the playing field to bring American businesses back to America, while Hillary wants to use the White House to cash in, by selling her services to foreign governments.

But Bernie forgot to mention any of that.