voteWell, PeakNation™, election day is finally here. As staff and volunteers reach into the deepest corners of the state to get every last ballot turned in, here’s an inside look at the races that we will be watching tonight.

U.S. President

While support for Donald Trump has surged in the past week or so, we wonder if it will be enough to overcome the Clinton Machine. Colorado, as always, is a key swing state and may just be the state Trump needs to push him over the top. While most polls show Trump tied or slightly behind Clinton, this has been a wild election year and anything could happen.

Sixth Congressional District

Incumbent Republican Mike Coffman works harder than anyone else, and that’s why, despite his district’s competitive numbers, he trounces opponents time and time again. This election might be tighter than he’d like due to how bizarre this election cycle is, but we’re putting our money on Mike and his team for another win.

University of Colorado Regent-at-Large

Colorado super-villain Tom Steyer is trying to push his favorite, Democrat environmentalist Alice Madden, into the seat to oversee the University of Colorado. As bizarre a candidate as Madden is, she is pitted against entrepreneur Heidi Ganahl, who is as American pie as they come. While Ganahl wants to make college accessible to all, Madden may or may not want to divest the University system from profitable oil and gas investments. Will big (dark) money from the left win out or will Ganahl be the top dog? We’ll know soon enough.

Senate District 25

With a one-seat Republican majority in the state Senate, this crazy election has put control of the Senate up for grabs. Republicans’ best hope might just be in Senate District 25 where workhorse Kevin Priola is facing party insider Jenise May. Priola is known for his work ethic and, hopefully, it will translate to a win for him tonight.

Senate District 19

This swing district seat matchup between Republican Laura Woods and Democrat Rachel Zenzinger is another that could flip the state Senate. Woods has been a diligent campaigner and has earned the seat, but Rachel has the Democratic Machine behind her. It’s anyone’s guess who will win this cage match.

Another race that could impact the state Senate is Republican Nancy Doty vs. Democrat Dan Kagan. As of now, we predict wins for Sens. Tate and Crowder.

Amendment 71

This is the ballot initiative that would make it harder to amend the constitution. Think that sounds great? Despite the well-funded efforts of Amendment 71 supporters, a growing coalition of folks on the left and the right is encouraging Colorado voters to vote “no” on all ballot initiatives. Their beef? That Amendment 71 would undermine TABOR and would make it harder for citizens to participate in the initiative process. We have heard this is ahead in the polls, but again, 2016 is a year when anything could happen.

Amendment 72

This is a tobacco tax that simply doesn’t belong in our state’s constitution. OnSight Public Affairs, who stands to gain mightily should this pass from grants and state contracts, is driving this effort. Recent polls have shown this to be squarely tied. Where this goes is anybody’s guess. But, we’re encouraging PeakNation to vote no. Don’t enrich Hickenlooper’s PR firm on the backs of poor people and don’t put this silly amendment in the constitution.