Jenise May, now running neck and neck with Republican State Senate nominee Kevin Priola for SD-25 did not have the smoothest of paths to her nomination.  In fact, she had to shutter her campaign in a chaotic and embarrassing episode last year.

In case you forgot this episode, PeakNation™:

In On January 2, 2015 (yes, nearly two years ago), May filed paperwork to run for SD-25.  The only problem is that she was lined up for a job at the capitol, and for good reason, aspiring legislators are barred from holding paid state jobs in the legislature. That rule didn’t seem to bother May, until she was confronted about the abuse by a reporter for the Durango Herald in April.  Yes – she got away with this for months.  In a chaotic scene, May dashed out of the Capitol – in the middle of the work day – and declared that she was shutting down her campaign.

As May was leaving, she stuttered to the Durango Herald reporter “I’m just going to close my candidacy. What else can I do? It’s a policy. I didn’t even know. I just found out. …All I can do is say I left, what more?”  She also said that she would not be running for office any time soon. Guess that was a lie. She re-filed for the same office in September 2015, and in the process earned a fine for a campaign finance violation. Bold. Fortunately, Compass Colorado has a re-enactment for us to watch:

Consider this, Colorado, as you cast your vote. Democrats are the party of inside corruption.