schwartzWas Gail Schwartz a sore loser in failing to conceded the election to U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton even as the incumbent held a strong lead throughout election night?

Schwartz declined to face up to her loss until Wednesday, claiming to be holding out for the last absentee vote in Pueblo to be counted. In the end, she lost with 41 percent to Tipton’s 55 percent, and conceded just before noon.

Perhaps she was emulating her hero Hillary, who also waited until Wednesday to concede her race to Donald Trump. The difference is that Hillary already accepted she had lost, and her people announced that she would be making a concession speech, not waiting to count more votes like Schwartz.

So while Hillary swallowed her medicine, Gail kept kicking the doctor and knocking the spoon out of his hand.
Then, she lectured Tipton on unity, in her statement to the Durango Herald.

She went on to offer advice to Tipton, stating, “I … hope that this campaign season has helped him appreciate the importance of bridging the political divide and bringing the residents of the 3rd Congressional District together on the many issues and values that unite us.”

The difference between a uniter and a divider, is that uniters don’t go around telling people how divided they all should feel.