obamacareAre major policy shifts coming to the White House that will affect our wallet? We certainly hope so, that’s what usually happens when a new administration takes over, and this time, for the better.

The Denver Post says that liberals locals are fretting that a Trump White House means no more energy polices to cripple the industry and kill jobs, no more fines for not having health care we can no longer afford, and tougher immigration policies.

Considering that Coloradans are about to take yet another major financial hit if they want to keep their health insurance, we can’t wait for Trump to kick Obamacare out the door and usher in our old doctors and affordable prices.

That’s one “hallmark” of the Obama administration we’re eager to see rewritten, and there are several replacement plans written by Republicans that will get us back on track while keeping coverage for pre-existing conditions.

We say, bring it.