The forecast fears of the climate change doomsayers have finally come true — global warming has severely reduced the snowpack at area ski resorts crippling the industry.

That’s sarcasm.

Climate change has brought so much snow to Colorado, we can’t drive or ski on it.
Crested Butte was closed Monday while Monarch Mountain and Arapahoe Basin were closed Tuesday, because of too much snow.

Transportation workers are scrambling to keep up with avalanche threats and closing highways to deal with the danger, while I-70 was covered in, one cutting off traffic in both lanes, while transportation workers are scrambling

Cars are telemarking all across the high country highways, and another two feet of snow is expected by Friday.

We are in shock over the whole mess, because scientific studies tell us all this warming should be costing the ski industry billions in lost revenues because the snowpack is dwindling.

We’re hopeful this will be corrected in future studies that should note some ski resorts are losing money because they’re getting too much of the stuff. But we suppose they will find a way to blame that on global warming, as well.