Sen. Kevin Grantham

The dedication to rewriting Obamacare’s costly mess and returning our health care system to some semblance of normalcy was evident in the beginning days of the state legislature where Senate President Kevin Grantham called for the repeal of the state health exchange.

It is, without a doubt, a prime example of how the health care system has failed miserably, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in its primary mission to act as a PR company for the system.

“Why does it need to be replaced? It’s already bilking the Colorado taxpayers. It’s already damaging the pocketbooks of Coloradans if we keep it in place like it is, so we’d be better off without it,” Grantham, R-Canon City, said in an interview after announcing the repeal as the third Senate bill this session.

The reaction from Democrats including Gov. Hickenlooper was typical — frighten the folks into thinking that without the mountain of bureaucracy that is the health care exchange, no one can find a health insurance plan on their own.

Tell them their health care will be cancelled within days, and scare the populace into compliance.

We’ve said it before and it warrants repeating endlessly, apparently: Obamacare was not built in day, nor will it be dismantled on a whim. It’s the beginning of a long process to determine what works, like coverage of pre-existing conditions, and doesn’t, like taxing fining those who can’t afford it.

Grantham’s announcement was just the first step, and one that’s been long overdue.