It’s possible that the poor ProgressNow folks were so busy planning their rally against Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch that they missed the swell of support that he’s received, particularly in Colorado.  But that’s why ProgressNow is a fringe group and does not speak for all Coloradans. Someone should probably tell squawker in chief, Ian Silveri, at ProgressNow:

Maybe Silveri isn’t a fan, but there are plenty of strange bedfellows coming out in support of Gorsuch. In fact, just last night, the Denver Post published an editorial in support of Gorsuch and imploring Bennet to vote to confirm. And let’s be honest, the Denver Post is no shill for the Republican Party or Donald Trump. Here’s what the Post wrote:

“Senators easily cleared Gorsuch’s nomination to the 10th District Court of Appeals in Denver in 2006. It is hard to imagine there will ever be a Trump nominee for the post Democrats would support. So we feel more than justified in urging Bennet not to take his party’s bait.”

So, as mainstream Colorado takes pride in a thoughtful and talented native son, Gorsuch, ProgressNow pushes itself further and further into the fringe, making the organization increasingly irrelevant.