Turns out that Coloradans are totally freaked out over the consequences of the Democrats’ 2010 Internet sales tax…. While gubernatorial candidate Mike Johnston shamelessly brags about his role in passing it.

ColoradoPolitics.com reports on a NetChoice survey that found 78 percent of Coloradans say the state government should not force businesses to turn over information on their internet purchases. Under the 2010 law, the article explains, for online businesses that choose not to collect sales tax they should “share with the state’s taxing authorities basic information on Colorado shoppers’ purchases. That way the state can hold the shoppers themselves responsible for forking over the sales tax they owe.”

Yikes! That means everything you try to privately buy online – from your acne medicine to your hemorrhoid cream to whatever other embarrassing products – could become the privy of the Department of Revenue all in the name of collecting taxes.   For the vast majority of us, privacy is a huge concern when online shopping, and for good reason. The survey also found that…

“Eight-four (84) percent said that when making online purchases, their privacy is “very important” and another 14 percent said it is “somewhat important.” Only 2 percent of Coloradans indicated privacy was not an important factor.”

For Johnston, however, this online sales tax is a feather in his cap, not a potentially huge violation of people’s privacy. In fact, on January 24th he re-posted an article about Amazon’s announcement that it would be locating a facility here. He attempts to take credit for the resulting job creation (see screen shot) all because he championed this online sales tax in 2010. First of all, dude, that’s an absurd leap of logic. Thankfully, that tax didn’t drive Amazon out of Colorado, so congrats on getting lucky, we guess?

There is still this massive privacy concern hanging over all our heads, though, and Johnston hasn’t quite figured out how to spin that one yet. So when the Colorado Department of Revenue comes knocking for the money you owe on that sex swing and those nipple clamps, you know who is to blame.