UPDATE: Twitter informed us that Zenzinger was reading from a book called Run Joan Run, which is meant to encourage women to run for office by saying the government is filled with Dicks, men named Dick or men who are dicks. It’s unclear. See, that’s the joke, it’s super funny, right? Or something like that. The bottom line is that women don’t need to verbally assault men in order to justify running for office and anyone who thinks that’s the case is doing women a disservice. Women are qualified to run for office on their own merits. They should run for office if they feel called to do it. But suggesting women run for office because there are too many men is just sexist and boring. We stand by our original statement – calling male colleagues “dicks” is not doing right by her constituents on many levels.

Well, that was fast. Democratic Senator Rachel Zenzinger campaigned on working across the aisle, which is important when trying to craft solutions that work for her constituents, many of whom are independents or centrists. Her bipartisan lip service lasted approximately one month as this morning she retweeted a tweet from someone named @Jomaestra on Twitter. Judging from her Twitter feed, @jomaestra appears to dislike war and love the Jeffco School Board recall. Good to know.

Here’s the twitter exchange between @jomaestra and Zenzinger:

@jomaestra tweeted, “Sorry you have to work w/so many dicks! :(” and Zenzinger retweeted it. We assume that Zenzinger and @jomaestra are talking about her Republican colleagues in the state Senate, which ought to go a long way in collaboration on bills.

But calling her coworkers “dicks” is probably the least of her concerns. If her colleagues, who fight for folks like small business owners in her district, are “dicks,” what does that make her constituents? Are they “dicks,” too? There are thousands of Republican and independent voters in her state Senate district who would like to know whether Zenzinger views them with the same disdain as Republicans in the state Senate.

Like her Twitter bio says, it looks like Zenzinger is working for all people…well, except for those Republican “dicks” out there.