Colorado Republicans have always been an independent bunch. That’s why it’s no surprise that Sen. Cory Gardner and Rep. Mike Coffman are asking U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to explain his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

From Coffman’s camp:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a grave omission by not disclosing his meetings with the Russian Ambassador last year, including to the Senate during his confirmation hearing. I think it would be more than prudent for him to recuse himself from any Russian inquiry, and I would encourage him to fully disclose any and all foreign contacts he had during the course of the campaign. The American people and their representatives in Congress must have the reassurance such [an] inquiry is done in an appropriate and unbiased manner.”

From Gardner’s gaggle:

“Attorney General Sessions should explain the substance of his conversations with the Russian Ambassador and communicate why those meetings were not acknowledged during his confirmation hearing. The American people deserve full transparency, and I’m confident that the ongoing FBI and bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigations will deliver answers.”

These are reasonable requests from Gardner and Coffman and Sessions should have no problem explaining the situation.

That said, one of the more vocal critics, Sen. Clare McCaskill (D-Mo),  seemed to have convenient amnesia when attempting to criticize her former colleague, Sessions. The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis pulled up tweets from McCaskill talking about meeting with the Russian Ambassador after she claimed she never met with him.

And perhaps even worse, Washington Examiner’s Alex Pappas tweeted out photos of McCaskill meeting with the Russian Ambassador.

Add these to the growing pile of examples of Democrats’ new lows in embracing extreme hypocrisy to score political points.