It goes from bad to worse for Democrats screeching (incorrectly) that Republican politicians are ignoring their constituents. Yesterday, we covered a 9News study that showed that from January 2014 until February 2017, Michael Bennet only hosted three townhalls, coming in dead last in the Colorado delegation. We assumed he held at least one per year.

We were wrong.  This morning, left-leaning Westword dropped another bombshell. As it turns out, Bennet has not held a townhall since 2014. That’s not conjecture or partisan hyperbole, that’s the word from the Bennet’s staff:

“However, we weren’t able to find links to town halls in 2015, 2016 or 2017 — and while Bennet spokeswoman Laurie Cipriano maintains that he’s ‘held dozens of traditional town halls since becoming a senator in 2009,’ she wasn’t able to provide a list of such events or even the date of the most latest one. She believes the most recent town hall took place in 2014.” (the Peak emphasis)

This is honestly just about the most hypocritical thing on which we’ve ever reported. Democrats are ginning up outrage because they say Republicans are ducking town hall meetings and their own leader hasn’t even held a townhall since 2014. That was THREE YEARS AGO.

We honestly don’t know what to say other than Democrats ought to be ashamed of their behavior and Coloradans should rebuke them and their lies at every opportunity.