The EPA could be consolidating their crap.

Depending on where you read it, President Trump is either closing the Denver EPA office or expanding it. We can’t tell for sure because the original report is hidden behind a paywall at the newsletter publication called Inside EPA.

What it says before jumping to the paywall is that the Trump administration’s budget office asked they agency we love to hate to submit a plan that would consolidate 10 of it’s regional offices to eight.

This prompted several Colorado media outlets to speculate that it could be Denver that is closing.

Or this could happen:

There is no indication that Denver’s office is in consideration for elimination. In fact, it could grow if it was merged with another regional office. However, EPA also has been ordered to cut costs and move to less expensive locations, according to’s anonymously sourced article.

Perhaps all EPA employees who have a penchant for pooping in the hallway will simply be transferred to Denver, where that sort of thing seems to be an issue.

Meanwhile, national publications are reporting that the EPA could see several important-sounding programs cuts with words like “climate” in the title, but none tell us exactly what those programs or departments have actually done or will do to warrant millions of taxpayer dollars.

Budget cuts should absolutely be examined in every federal agency, and just because a program has a warm and fuzzy name does not mean we need to keep pouring taxpayer dollars into a program that in reality does little except to staff bureaucrats.

We applaud Trump’s efforts to cut spending, especially at the EPA. We just hope there’s enough money left for the agency to pay off the damage it caused in polluting the Animas River last year.