Members of the Republican delegation held telephone town hall meetings Wednesday night following the unveiling of a plan to replace Obamacare.

But no matter how hard they are trying to keep in touch with their constituents, Democrats just want to nit pick and complain.

Congress is in session so the lawmakers called from Washington, where they are working, but several folks from Boulder dissed the effort by Sen. Cory Gardner and instead complained on Facebook he did not hold town meetings back in the state.

And some of it was just nasty name calling, like this from Sarah Soto:

Hey you shmuck, what the heck are you doing? Why are you suddenly going back on your promises? Is that what you were hired to do? To NOT do your job and listen to your constituents? Because I’m pretty sure that if you had literally any other job, you would have already been fired-because that’s what happens to regular Coloradoans when they don’t listen to their bosses. (That’s us.The people who voted for you. We’re YOUR boss. I only say this because it seems to be unclear to you) . Obviously, you’re going to ignore this note, much like you are dodging your phone, any and all letters, and any and all direct questions. Frankly, I’m amazing at your ability to dance around actually answering any questions; did you perhaps take ballet lessons when you were younger?

Respectful comments were in short supply for Gardner, but on the Western Slope, some folks were a little more congenial with Rep. Scott Tipton.

Dan Mundlein: Thanks for calling I was just beginning my cub scout meeting so didn’t get (to) Listen much or participate. I am impressed that you had the town hall tho. Thank you.

A common theme among many activists is that Republicans aren’t doing what we the taxpayers are paying them for. Democrats seem to think lawmakers are being paid to be abused, insulted, threatened, harassed and maligned.

Republicans expect them to write legislation and vote in Washington, help constituents with casework for federal assistance, and travel their district to meet with us during recess.

Memo to Democrats: It’s not recess.