UPDATE: Gorsuch himself clarified the question at hand – and did so compellingly, we might add:


Yesterday, the left tried to gin up controversy around Coloradan Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination hearing by claiming that he said in a class he taught that women manipulate maternity leave. The only problem? His other students are saying it’s just not true – and his accuser is a former staffer for former Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall, who lost his Senate seat doubling down on the failed war on women messaging. That should have been the first clue that this strategy would be a dud.

Here’s what Guy Benson from Townhall had to say about the entire debacle:

“So there’s nothing here, aside from an apparent misinterpretation or distortion peddled by a professional Democrat who nonetheless praised Gorsuch as a ‘sharp judicial mind,’ who ‘believes in facts and legal reasoning,’ and is ‘better than the rest of the choices.’ Swing and a miss. Looks like it’s back to the warmed-over and unserious ‘against the little guy’ line of attack. In opening statements yesterday, several Democrats whined about Republicans’ application of the Biden Rule and Schumer Standard to President Obama’s stymied Supreme Court pick last year, muttered about extremism (they love to abuse that term), and barked about Gorsuch and his allies being outside of the ‘mainstream.’ The trouble with the latter argument is that Gorsuch was confirmed to an influential appeals court by acclamation in 2006, was introduced by two Democrats today, and was unanimously rated as ‘well qualified’ (the highest possible ranking) by the (non-conservative) American Bar Association. So, uh, the veritable definition of mainstream. These attacks are unfounded, desperate, and profoundly lame.” (The Peak‘s emphasis)

So, there you have it. Democrats are back to square one when it comes to attacking Gorsuch during his confirmation. Say what you will about Trump, but so far his first Supreme Court pick looks like a home run.