As every Democrat piles into the gubernatorial primary clown car, accidents happen. In this case, Cary Kennedy drove her political career into a ditch by announcing her campaign while driving down the street in her car. If that wasn’t bad enough, it appears that she wasn’t just talking to the camera while driving, but also reading from cue card sticky notes attached to her dashboard. In fact, 9News noted that she looked at her sticky notes 14 times while driving and announcing her run for Colorado’s Governor.

That seems unsafe. And, the rest of the Twitterverse agreed.

We flagged the issue on Twitter for the Denver Police Department, but they have yet to respond to our request that she receive a ticket for her unsafe and illegal behavior. You know, a ticket for reading while driving – like you would or we would get if we did the same.

Of course, the other issue with the announcement is her attempt to identify with regular people while driving past million-dollar homes, but we haven’t even had a chance to address this issue with Kennedy’s distracted driving, which was the narrative coming out of the announcement. We doubt that was the intention.

All in all, the announcement was an unforced error and unimpressive in a crowded primary.