It’s okay to kill coal jobs on the Western Slope, because folks there have accepted it and want to find a new way of life. So concludes U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in a recent floor speech.

He was actually on the Western Slope several weeks ago, and tells us that the folks disagree with President Trump’s decision to lift oppressive regulations on the coal industry. The industry is dead, he suggests they have accepted.

They know that their way of life and the way of life for communities like theirs all across the United States require real solutions to help them grow and diversify their economies.
These communities get it — they understand it — but the President clearly does not.

It’s because those folks that depend on coal jobs have moved on and don’t want those jobs anymore, that Bennet says he will put the nail in the coal coffin by sponsoring legislation to reimpose those Obama era regulations.

Is Bennet wrong? Perhaps PeakNation™ should call his office to let him know at 970-241-6631.