We missed Cory Gardner’s interview on CNN Tuesday, because no one we know watches it, but thank goodness it was captured by the Free Beacon so we can watch him call out the anchor over all that is wrong in Washington, D.C.

“Stupidest thing,” that’s how he described one very stupid question on where a meeting will be held to discuss the situation in Korea.

“That’s where the meeting is at,” Gardner said. “I think arguing over where a meeting is going to be on North Korea is about the stupidest thing Washington could be doing … It’s ridiculous. Let’s fight about the policy on North Korea. Let’s argue about the right direction for this country. But having an argument over where a meeting occurs? That’s just silly.”

By all means, let’s skip the part about nuclear weapons and crazy dictators, and try to find a way to make the president of the United States look artificial by, gasp, holding a meeting at the White House.

Watch the whole thing here, especially the part where Gardner says it’s no wonder Americans are so “pissed” over politics. Especially when they are exposed to interviews like this one.