Over the weekend, Western Wire reported that crowds that were supposed to be protesting global warming were snowed out due to Colorado’s six to ten inches of snow along the Front Range. The obvious joke is that it snowed for a global warming protest; however, the fact that crowds were smaller than expected also points to environmentalists’ love of fossil fuels. Or, at least the benefits, like heat, they provide.

Here are just a few ways that environmentalists showed us they really do love fossil fuels, according to our friends at Western Wire.

  1. They arrived in gas-powered cars – there were few Priuses or Teslas in sight.
  2. So many stayed home, where their houses were heated with oil, coal, natural gas, or some combination thereof.
  3. Those who attended wore products made from petroleum products. After all, all natural, organic hemp fibers are definitely less warm.
  4. They carried plastic (read: petroleum-based) signs.

While Joey Bunch at Colorado Politics critiqued Western Wire for not doing the protest organizers’ job for them (alerting folks about postponement), the real story here is how the protest revealed just how much we depend on oil and gas – even those pesky environmentalists.