Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers is still on the most recent lists circulating Washington for the post of FBI director.

Suthers is 11th out of 14 on the list at the Washington Post, which describes him as:

A former U.S. attorney and Colorado attorney general, Suthers was elected mayor of Colorado Springs in 2015. He is widely respected among state law enforcement and many Colorado Democrats.

Suthers was recommended by U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, and has the support of numerous Democrats in the state including Gov. Hickenlooper.

“John Suthers is universally recognized as a man of integrity and fair-mindedness, who can do a very difficult job taking over the helm of the agency that needs an independent leader, that needs somebody who is going to be thorough, and needs somebody who is going to complete investigations on Russia,” Gardner told Colorado Politics.

The last time a Coloradan was nominated to an esteemed position in Washington with bipartisan support — Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch — one of the state’s own tried to defeat him.

We hope U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is sitting this one out, and will give a Coloradan a chance to succeed.