The rush does not appear to be on for tickets to hear Michelle Obama speak at the anniversary celebration of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado at the Pepsi Center.

A day after tickets went on sale, we found front row seats on our first try for only $1,392 — that’s more than $1,200 for the actual ticket, plus $138 in “convenience fees.”

For people who have to work for a living, there are also plenty of bargain tickets left for a mere $177.

The event is supposed to celebrate the foundation’s 30 years of helping women, by lobbying and issuing grants.

We hope they’ve helped these women enough to afford the entrance fees.

This will be Michelle Obama’s first public appearance since leaving the White House, and we don’t expect this trip to cause the same stir as her 2015 mom and daughters’ vacation in Aspen.

It was indeed an empowering experience for the ladies, costing taxpayers more than $57,000, just for the flights. That doesn’t event include the additional money we dished out for hotels, meals, lift tickets, and Secret Service protection.

This time Michelle will be traveling at her own expense, except for the Secret Service detail that comes with every former first lady.

It’s expected to be a friendly crowd, as protestors are banned and no questions will be permitted. Also, no pictures or video allowed.

So if you’re really desperate to watch Michelle have a conversation with the foundation’s president for an hour, you’ll have to pay the price of admittance.

Front row seats are still available.