Bennet confessed during Judge Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings that he didn’t read the Denver Post, so was oblivious to their plea for the Democrat to support the nominee.

In a town hall confession this weekend, Bennet told us why, and where he’s been getting his news:

When another speaker implored him to spend more time spreading his message to conservative media consumers, Bennet seemed to agree that might be a good idea. He said he reads once every day or two just to check in, and added that it’s “very discouraging to see the president’s assault” on the media.

With hundreds of newspapers, TV and radio stations in Colorado online, Bennet’s choice is a little far-fetched to see what conservatives in his state are concerned about.

Hell, even we read the Denver Post everyday, right after we check in with Complete Colorado, and Colorado Politics.

Granted, the whole town hall held in Boulder reeked of what the alt-left wanted to hear, anyway.

There was hardly a moment of pressure, as the Democratic senator and his left-leaning audience seemed to agree on most key issues and even shared a few giggles at the expense of GOP figures such as Ted Cruz and Betsey DeVos.

The event was described as a family reunion for Bennet, a cozy environment of like-minded folks gathered to hear pappy explain how Trump could be impeached, and how much his bones hurt when the climate changes.

We know, because we read it in a Colorado newspapers.