The Democrat primary for the 7th Congressional District just got another candidate as state Sen. Dominick Moreno, of Commerce City, entered the race. He joins his colleagues from the state legislature Sen. Andy Kerr and Rep. Brittany Pettersen, who are both from Lakewood.

Moreno has a strong message and strikes a good balance between polished and humble. His intro video contains the fewest number of platitudes, which we appreciate, even though all intro videos are laaaaame and cringe-worthy. And Moreno serves on the Joint Budget Committee in the state legislature, so we assume he’s not dumb.

As points out in their analysis, his biggest challenge is fighting for name recognition in Jefferson County with opponents who already represent that area. Lucky for him, however, Kerr and Pettersen are far from ideal candidates. As we’ve pointed out, Kerr keeps suing taxpayers for more of their hard earned cash, and he really, really wants to know what kind of weird stuff people are buying online. Then there is Pettersen, who just has an awkwardness about her that is hard to look past.

This primary has the added bonus of all three serving in the state legislature while actively trying to raise money and campaign. Potential pitfalls will be plentiful next year, and more likely than not to trip up one or all of them at some point in time.  Democrat leadership under the Gold Dome is also going to have a heckuva time managing a caucus with so many congressional hopefuls jockying for political cover and easy wins.