U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter is on the gubernatorial campaign trail, talking to local newspapers and presumably voters as to his qualifications to lead this state.

Here’s one we had completely forgot about, since he doesn’t talk about it much, and doesn’t appear to do much: he’s the lead Democrat on the subcommittee for terrorism and illicit finance.

This is all he had to say about that to the Lamar Ledger:

“So, stopping funding to terror groups and to various countries that lead terrorism; North Korea, Syria and we have a lot of sanctions against Russia,” is a key component to serving on the terrorism subcommittee, said Perlmutter.

“Also, illicit finance is focused on the drug cartels,” noted the Congressman.

We don’t remember Perlmutter having anything noteworthy to say about the recent terrorist attacks on London, but we checked his Twitter account to make sure, and we were right. This was all he had to say about that:

Pretty standard stuff really, with no commitment to fight ISIS or the funding behind it.
However, he was super motivated to issue several tweets on another war he’s more interested in fighting, that elusive terrorist cell known as climate change.

Perlmutter appears desperate to be all things to all people, but he’s a fairly common liberal Democrat with more to offer to his national party, than the people of Colorado.