It would appear that the company that was supposed to be fixing the crossing issues plaguing the Train to the Plane, or A-Line, is calling it quits. According to a letter obtained by the Denver Business Journal, Denver Transit Partners claim that no technology currently exists that could fulfill the regulations it must meet. From the letter, it looks like meeting the regulations has been a moving target, which should surprise no one. Here’s what DTP said about its mandates:

“Since the signing of the CA, however, both the CPUC and the FRA have acted to reinterpret design guidelines and regulations in response to a number of very high-profile events, both regionally and nationally that have resulted in loss of life, fines and penalties, criminal charges against individual operators and the reversal of tech mandates. New laws have been enacted…, and laws not previously applicable have been brought into play….”

In other words, regulators, go home you’re drunk.

While this is a highly visible and seemingly contentious situation, it’s worth noting that small (and large) businesses grapple with the shifting sands of regulation every single day. It’s not fair, it costs businesses money. No wonder DTP wants to get out of this contract, but remember, DTP is just one of millions of businesses that must deal with regulatory ADHD every day.