As we first reported, Bloomberg-backed gun grabber Shannon Watts is considering a run for U.S. Rep. Jared Polis’ seat in Congress, but from her Twitter account, it would appear that she’s feeling a little pushback from the powers that be in the Democratic Party. Here is her response to a Daily Camera opinion piece critiquing the Democratic Party’s historically bad loss in Georgia titled, “Have Democrats Learned Nothing?”:

In the response, she quoted author Jim Martin who sharply critiqued the Democratic Party: “So instead of encouraging good people to run, having robust debates about important issues and engaging more voters in the process, the Democrats tightly controlled the process by crowning Neguse now.”

She sounds…trying to put our fingers on it…jealous? ┬áBut she shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same party that tried to trick Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his team into thinking they received fewer delegates than they did in Colorado. This is a party with superdelegates, approximately 102% of which voted for establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. Why would the Democratic Party have changed over the past year or so? Well, why besides the massive loss of the Presidency and going 0 for 5 in special Congressional elections. But we digress.

Maybe the Democratic establishment is simply not comfortable with how close Watts is to former Nannystate Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who turns every candidate in Colorado that he touches into an untouchable?

Either way, we are enjoying the drama unfolding in the Democratic Party in the Second Congressional District election. It’s about time Democrats turned on each other.