Five Obama-appointed members, including a professor from Denver, quit the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS last week “in protest of Donald Trump.” They alleged that the President’s plan would be detrimental to those with the disease. This sounds an awful lot like every single other time someone who was appointed by Obama, but remained in the Trump administration, left their post. In each instance, the departees, instead of simply leaving their post, used the opportunity inflict maximum damage to President Trump. Denver’s Dr. Lucy Bradley-Springer makes no attempt to hide that this is in fact her intention, according to her statement in the Denver Post:

“I made the decision to leave because I thought that making this kind of statement might make a bigger impact than staying on. It was not an easy decision to make.”

A bigger impact for whom? If Dr. Bradley-Springer was serious about her accusation that President Trump was going to be detrimental to those with the disease, as a doctor, doesn’t she have an ethical responsibility to stay on and try to advocate for those patients? But, really, this makes a bigger splash for her to feed her ego, which must be enormous because she was so offended that she did not have direct access to the top dogs anymore. Here was one of her complaints:

“We sent a letter to the secretary of health, which is how the council talks to the administration, and we didn’t immediately hear back. When we did hear back, it was from someone on a rather low level.”

Awww, sorry you feel ignored. It’s almost like she’s a millennial whose boss does not drop everything to hear her every whim.  Look, this is not a story. Obama appointee (who presumably agrees with President Obama) leaves after Trump takes office? That’s just the normal course of events.