At today’s Focus on the Family visit from Vice President Mike Pence, activists dressed up as pilgrims and ambled about looking at their cell phones. Just kidding, the women at the protest were dressed as characters from the Handmaid’s Tale, a feminist tale of male-dominated dystopia. Or something. We’d probably know if we watched it. We were more interested when we thought it was a historical drama like Downton Abbey. But we digress.

Apparently, dressing as the oppressed women from this fantasy movie? TV show? activist webinar? was meant to show the Vice President that women were passionately displeased by his existence. Instead, they showed him that their passion for equality (is that what they’re protesting?) can be tamed by one thing – their cell phones.

Check out the footage that Revealing Politics caught here:

Note the woman with an “Abort Mike Pence” sign – and what’s up with the cat ears? This must be a Laura Chapin production. Nonetheless, what loving and compelling arguments from a group of desperate losers who continue to lose because their message is so tone deaf.