Our fake news meter went off the charts when we read this headline:

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner traps health care protestors in hot office on 90-degree day

Just to be clear from the get-go, they were “trapped” because they chose not to leave the office, it happened to be very hot outside, and they chose to wear heavy cloaks made out of some awful polyester blend that doesn’t breathe.

And while they staged one video of them fanning a women and her baby, the rest of the crowd appeared rather cold.

They allege that when they crowded Gardner’s small outer office wearing these heavy costumers it got hot in there. On purpose. And because they weren’t permitted to open the office door and disrupt the rest of the building, they were trapped.

All they could do was suffer, and Tweet Rachel Maddow to get media attention.

To break it down, liberals are no longer content with real world problems.

National Democratic activists have organized women from all 50 states to adopt fictional careers from “The Handmaid’s Tale” who live under Sharia law a totalitarian theocracy, which is what they seem to think will happen if people have a choice when it comes to buying health insurance.

The ultimate irony here is that liberal activists are complaining about not having enough air conditioning.

So by all means, let’s mine some more coal, crank up the AC, and give liberals what they want most when they protest.