While ADAPT, ProgressNow, and League of Conservation Voters complain that U.S. Sen. Gardner isn’t willing to participate in their political stunt showing their displeasure with any reduction in the stone around our country’s neck – Medicaid, Gardner is actually working on issues that impact national security. This is otherwise known as his job. North Korea has been…misbehaving…lately. From random chest thumping by Kim Jong Un to attempted launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, there is a lot to be concerned about coming out of North Korea.

This week, Gardner called for a global economic embargo against the rogue state. Here’s his statement on the sanctions:

“With each additional missile test by North Korea and weak response by the international community, we are moving further down the road of potential military conflict that would have catastrophic consequences,” said Gardner. “We need to use every diplomatic and economic tool we have now to prevent nuclear war.

“Today, I call on the global community to impose a complete economic embargo against this heinous regime in Pyongyang. Every nation of conscience should cut off all finance and trade with Pyongyang, with a few limited humanitarian exceptions, until such time that Pyongyang is willing to meet its international commitments to peacefully denuclearize. The United Nations Security Council should immediately endorse such an embargo in a new resolution, and make it binding on all nations.

“I am drafting bipartisan legislation that would ban any entity that does business with North Korea or its enablers from using the United States financial system. I commend the Trump Administration for its sanctions last week against entities aiding Pyongyang, including a Chinese financial institution, but this should be only a first step.

“Time for words is over. China can inflict the diplomatic pressure and serious economic damage to North Korea that could move Pyongyang toward peaceful denuclearization and Beijing should do so now. If China fails to act, as it has to date, its relationship with the United States cannot remain the same. Beijing now has a real decision to make – allow the dangerous pattern of escalation to continue or step up and help deter a potential nuclear war.”

With all due respect to ADAPT and the liberal groups with whom they affiliate, if North Korea drags us into nuclear war, there may not be inadequate handicapped ramps for them to protest against. Just a thought.