Hilariously, Democratic candidate Jason Crow published his fundraising numbers all proud of himself as if he was going to hold a candle to the toughest campaigner in Congress. Earlier this week, Crow boasted that he raised $300,000 – we imagine his team sent that press release with a satisfied smile on their faces. But just a couple of hours later, they had to turn that smile upside down when U.S. Rep. Coffman announced he had raised $364,000 without breaking a sweat.

This quarter should have been Crow’s easiest quarter to best Coffman as there is Democratic money out there just waiting for someone to take on Coffman. Statistics show that this district is winnable for Democrats, but over and over and over again Democrats just can’t out-work Coffman. And, that’s the anointed Democratic candidate’s fundraising. No word yet on Democratic candidate Levi Tillemann’s fundraising for the quarter.

Crow’s lackluster fundraising pales in comparison to previous contenders’ fundraising. According to Coffman strategist Tyler Sandberg, previous initial quarter fundraising by Democratic opponents has been far more robust with Andrew Romanoff at $500,000 and Morgan Carroll at $377,000. This does not bode well for Crow who consistently refuses to actually move into the district he hopes to represent.

All of this political bullsh!t must really rub Tillemann (Dick) the wrong way. He’s railing against his party’s chosen candidate for the Democratic nod. At least he actually lives in the district.  No matter who wins the Democratic primary, this will not end well for Democrats. As usual.