UPDATE: A loyal reader reminded us of a Colorado Independent article about Donna Lynne’s appointment to Lieutenant Governor. Read:

“When asked if she was interested in running for governor in two years, Lynne firmly said ‘No!'”


Rumor has it that Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne intends to jump into the Democratic Governor’s race tomorrow morning. And you thought the GOP gubernatorial primary was weird. What makes Lynne’s entry into this race particularly odd is that she was selected to replace Joe Garcia specifically because she said she wasn’t planning to run for Governor.

So, what happened?

Perhaps the Democratic establishment, which is cracking down HARD on its primaries, looked at the field, saw that Polis was the strongest richest candidate, looked at each other and said, “Oh crap.” And recruited her to run because no matter what Polis says, he’s not a moderate in any way.

Or maybe the reason that Lynne was sworn off running was to make a path for Rep. Ed Perlmutter, who just exited the race.

Either way, as of tomorrow, Cary Kennedy will no longer be the only woman in the race (which makes the endorsements by the women’s groups pretty awkward). The real question is whether Lynne can effectively take on Polis’ bajillion dollars or if this is a quixotic adventure for her.

Oh, and just in case the business community thinks she’s “one of them,” she was a huge backer of Amendment 66, which would have raised taxes by a billion dollars. Not exactly business friendly.

Lastly, our apologies to the Denver Post or Colorado Politics for (probably) scooping one of them.