Rep. Perlmutter, courtesy of his Twitter profile

And just like that Rep. Brittney Pettersen and Sens. Dominick Moreno and Andy Kerr’s dreams of flitting through the halls of Congress were stomped upon by Ed Perlmutter, who announced that he recently had rediscovered his mojo and would like his Congressional seat back. Sad trombone. Both Petterson and Moreno have dropped out of the race and endorsed Rep. Perlmutter.

Here’s a statement from Moreno:

“We continue to be in great hands with Congressman Perlmutter. Thank you to the many people who supported me along this journey. My time serving our community does not end with our campaign suspending, and I remain committed to standing up for our values in the state Senate.”

And here is Pettersen’s statement:

“While I’m disappointed I will not have the opportunity to serve our community in Congress, I know that the people of the 7th district will continue to be well represented by Ed Perlmutter,” Pettersen said in a statement. “I am so proud and humbled by the support of the people across Colorado who believed in me and stepped up to contribute, volunteer and support my campaign. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of this great state.”

As for Dan Baer, Perlmutter told Colorado Politics that he had emailed with Baer, but Baer’s camp says he’s traveling and isn’t ready to make a statement.

So, the ball is in Sen. Kerr’s court. Kerr said he’s going to discuss among family and friends. Would he really stay in? His fundraising was embarrassing, even with Nancy Pelosi’s support. We don’t see a path to victory for Kerr, but maybe his ego can vote 100,000 times and carry the election for him. Or maybe he is just going to drop out.