While the campaign for the Douglas County School Board heats up, it looks like the Douglas County Federation of Teachers is hoping to reorganize in Douglas County after the school district kicked the union out didn’t renew the union contract in 2012.  According to a piece by Complete Colorado, the DCFT recently submitted a Colorado Open Records Request for the following information on all of the teachers in Douglas County School District:

“in a useful and searchable format, such as a spreadsheet, all current, as of Aug. 10, 2017, certified employees in Douglas County School District. In addition to full names, provide position, work location/school, hire date, salary and personal email addresses.”

Why do you suppose that the DCFT would want personal email addresses for all teachers?  It’s not just to be creepy and weird. The union needs it to campaign and organize teachers. This is pathetic. According to the school district spokeswoman, Paula Hans, the union was not given personal email addresses:

“Email addresses were not included in the CORA response due to privacy reasons and because DCSD does not maintain a document with all personal emails. If an employee sends an email to a personal email address and that email is produced in a CORA request, the personal email is generally redacted for privacy reasons.”

That must have been incredibly disappointing for the union. The only question is – where is Brian White and the Colorado Education Association. We thought they were a contender in this turf war.