House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in Denver this week for some reason everyone has now forgotten, because she instead made headlines by bashing violent “antifa” protestors in her hometown of San Francisco.

More than 100 hooded and black-clad “antifa” protestors attacked peaceful demonstrators with fists and weapons on Sunday. This time their targets were not the KKK, but Trump supporters including College Republicans.

To see videos of the incident, click here.

Here’s what she told the Denver Post during an editorial board meeting Wednesday when asked if “there is a segment of the left that is out of control?”

“No, I think if there’s some people who are acting in a violent way, that they should be prosecuted. I don’t care who they are, where they are, whatever organization they belong to.”
“You’re talking (about) some individuals. You’re not talking about the far left of the Democratic Party — they’re not even Democrats. A lot of them are socialist or anarchist or whatever.”

It’s interesting that when “antifa” turned victim, Democrats demanded sympathy for the group from everyone including President Trump. Now that the radicals’ true colors are once again apparent, Democrats don’t want to have any association with that far-left base.

We are not diminishing the violence and death that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, just pointing out the Democratic tide for “antifa” has washed back out to sea.