While Gov. Hickenlooper is making the media rounds touting his health care plan to save Obamacare, Coloradans are trying to figure out how to pay for yet another hike in premiums.

The Colorado Division of Insurance said Wednesday that premiums will increase in the next few months by an average of nearly 27 percent in the individual health insurance marketplace.

That’s how well it’s working here, major price hikes every year while still paying more for a doctor’s visit and at the pharmacy.

The good news is supposed to be that the increase isn’t as high as originally forecast.


For those of you who don’t get health insurance from your boss, but are self-employed or contractors, you could see increases as high as 33.5 percent.

So while Hickenlooper’s plan is to keep throwing money at this mess, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner says Obamacare must go.

“Our current healthcare system will continue to fail Coloradans if we don’t do something to address the rising costs created by the Affordable Care Act,” said Gardner. “This should not be ok. It should not be accepted as normal that just like previous years, healthcare insurance costs will continue to go up on thousands of Coloradans next year.”

“I’m going to continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle about getting something done to repair the damage the Affordable Care Act is having on Colorado’s healthcare system.”

Just to reiterate, throwing money at a broken system won’t fix it, Gov. Hickenlooper.