First it was Squirrel Man in Boulder County, now it’s animal lovers in Pitkin County getting into fist fights over their dogs.

This time it was a former official for the sheriff’s office who is charged with felony assault for allegedly punching a man and breaking his jaw because his dog was unleashed at Blue Lake.

The victim says he leaned down to leash the dog when he was sucker-punched by the former official, who sheriff Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo later described as a “great guy.”

The allegedly aggressive dog is a golden retriever named Daisy, who is a registered therapy dog.

The Aspen Times has the breakdown over the showdown. What has us scratching our heads, is why purported animal lovers in liberal activist enclaves are so quick to violence when it comes to their fellow human beings?

The former official was walking his own two dogs at the time, and we understand he was concerned about his pets. But seriously, it was a golden retriever that was off-leash, not some foaming at the mouth dog bred for fighting.

It’s a sad world they live in up there.