While Congressman Mike Coffman has been a public supporter of so-called Dreamers, illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States by their parents as minors, Democrats are trying to call foul on Coffman for using a standard legislative tactic to further protect this unique group of undocumented immigrants.

Coffman, concerned about the status of Dreamers after President Trump’s suspension of DACA, initiated a discharge petition, which would have compelled a vote on their status.  Subsequent to getting the necessary 218 signatures required to move forward with the discharge petition, Coffman pulled the measure.  He did this not because he had some sort of change of heart, but rather he spoke with Speaker Ryan, who convinced him that legislation to help the Dreamers was in the works, and would be passed.

In addition to this, it is likely that the legislation would have additional positive attributes, such as increased border security or funding for the wall.  In pulling his petition, Coffman made it clear to Ryan that he was only going to hit the pause button, and if Ryan did not show significant progress, he would resume his efforts.

Now Democrat opponents are lying about Coffman’s record (what else is new), saying that he is not concerned with the people in his district, which is nearly one fifth Latino.

Once again, we are here to set the record straight, in the face of DCCC lies perpetrated against Coffman in order to score cheap political points.