Hurricane hype has reached as far inland as Colorado, where the Denver Post ran a story that essentially blames Hurricane Irma on the Florida governor because he hasn’t done enough to battle the future possible maybe impacts of climate change.

The governor is a Republican, we are informed by the fifth word in the story.

Local officials, academics and even some political allies say Scott has scarcely acknowledged the problem and, along with the Republican-led legislature, has shown little interest in funding projects to help the state adapt and become more resilient in the face of storms such as Irma.


So if Republicans just admit that climate change is manmade, there will be no more Category 4 storms like Irma?

There have been 97 Category 4 hurricanes since 1901. Call us cynical, but we doubt being politically correct will stop Mother Nature.

Adding insult to injury, the story appeared before the storm made landfall, before we knew if anyone would be killed, before we knew what efforts will be needed to clean up the devastation.

And before we even knew the eventual path of the hurricane.

Now is not the time to drive a liberal political agenda, but to show some human compassion.