Cliff Willmeng and his band of misfit Fractivists staged a protest Sunday at a Boulder County Commissioner’s house, only she doesn’t live there.

Instead, the group unknowingly harassed her renters, trashed the yard, and left threatening messages meant for Elise Jones.

“Happily, no one was at home, but as you might imagine, the current residents were very confused when they came home to find an oil drum in the driveway and threatening chalk messages drawn up and down the sidewalk and the steps to the house,” Jones wrote.

The fractivists demanded that the empty rental house no longer meet with anyone who disagrees with their politics or talk to anyone who works in a profession of which they don’t approve.

Further, they insisted that the empty house prohibit any development of oil, gas or coal in their space bubble of Boulder County.

What we didn’t see on their list of demands is a ban on the sale of all these products. If they were truly committed to their cause and not just a bunch of hypocritical zombies following the latest environmental fad, they would demand that all cars be banned that run on gas and that the lights be turned out and the heat shut off. Especially at the empty house they trashed.

Willmeng later defended their faux pas, stating that it’s okay to trash the private property of innocent persons, disturb the peace of the neighborhood and make threats, because no one died.