Fractivist leader Cliff Willmeng sure is mad at Democrats, who he blasted in a Boulder Camera letter to the editor for their outrageous behavior, like following the law.

He’s mad that Democrats have produced a bunch of front groups like Conservation Colorado to praise their public officials.

He’s angry that Democratic administrations have paid lip service to renewable energy, and yet after spending billions of dollars to try and create such a worldwide system, it doesn’t exist.

He blasts U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, Gov. Hickenlooper, but gives U.S. Rep. Jared Polis a semi-pass because “He speaks personally on the issue of gay rights while advancing corporate trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

The only thing good about the party, he says, is it’s so inclusive. And, there aren’t any white, male, conservatives in it.

What does he want? Environmentalists to split from the Democratic Party. When does he want it? Now.

“We either depart this sinking ship, or steady ourselves for a long, slow descent decorated with talking points and posturing.”

If it weren’t for all the money environmental groups contribute to party candidates, we suspect Democrats wouldn’t be too sad to see this special interest group split their scene.