We had hoped that journalist Marianne Goodland’s switch to ColoradoPolitics meant that she would be forced to temper her left-leaning rants articles about education as she was in the company of legit journalists, like Joey Bunch. As it turns out, she’s just spewing the same junk she did at Colorado Independent. Here are just a couple of examples of her left-wing journalism from a recent article on a Jeffco School Board forum:

“Van Gieson is affiliated with the Golden View Classical Academy, which he didn’t mention during the evening. Academy teachers receive training from Hillsdale College, a conservative Christian college in Michigan that has ties to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who visited Denver earlier in the day.”

God forbid Van Gieson is affiliated with a Jeffco school – that she highlights Golden View is a dog whistle to liberals in Jeffco. Same with Koch references. And – gasp – the teachers receive training from Hillsdale, which she characterizes as a Christian school. It’s actually more known for its free market ideology, but hey, whatever gets liberals worked up.

Of course, then, there’s the old trick of mischaracterizing liberal groups. She calls Support Jeffco Kids a “pro-teacher” group. Wrong. It’s a pro-union group and one that turned Jeffco into an ugly place. In fact, according to the Colorado Education Association website, Support Jeffco Kids is considered a partner group to the CEA, the largest teachers union in the state. Convenient that she missed that.

But what should we have expected from someone who wrote so joyously for the Colorado Independent? Well, if she’s reporting from ColoradoPolitics, we expect a hell of a lot more.